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Providing Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting & HVAC Energy Efficiency Solutions

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Looking to Save Energy, Save Money, and Become More Eco-Friendly?

At Blue Sky Energy Group, we effectively leverage custom sustainable and renewable energy efficiency technologies to grow your bottom line, create company value, and eliminate emissions.

Blue Sky Energy Group LLC walks you through the hassle-free process of LED, HVAC, and Refrigeration installation for your Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing, Lower/Upper/Higher Education properties.

Blue Sky Energy Group of Wilmington has also introduced a HVAC solution that kills COVID-19, other viruses and pathogens.

The Results for Blue Sky Energy Group's Virus Killer on COVID-19 have come in: This groundbreaking ionizer kills 99.4% of C-19 in just 30 minutes!
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Energy Audits, LED Lighting, HVAC Energy Reduction, Installation, Maintenance & Product Warranties
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What are the Benefits of a Switching to Energy-Efficient Lighting and HVAC Solutions?

When you make the switch to energy conserving lighting & HVAC solutions with Blue Sky Energy Group LLC of Wilmington NC, the benefits to your business' bottom line are vast! Here are just a few good reasons:

Reduce energy costs from 50-80%! (LED Lighting Installation)

HVAC Installation with Blue Sky Energy Group LLC - reduce consumption between 30-70%!

On-site Maintenance

Warranties up to 10 Years

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Federal and State Tax Credits
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Client Testimonials

"My experience with Blue Sky Energy Group has been invaluable. The savings they were able to provide myself and my store are mind-blowing; we're able to pass those savings along to our clients."

- Written Review.
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